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Proposal for a session in which you offer to lead a group discussion on a topic or question of interest.

VOX: Voices Of eXperience

What does it happen when Humanists & Technologists work together? What are the challenges and opportunities of cross-field and interdisciplinary collaborations? What is your personal experience? This Talk session proposes to listen to the voices of Humanists and Technologists involved in … Continue reading

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Show, Tell and Ask: Tools, Tips and Data

In a rapidly evolving field it is difficult to keep up with all the available tools, techniques and data sources available and being used. This session would offer a space to share experiences – good and bad – of various tools … Continue reading

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Getting experienced

Digitised literature gives us the opportunity to explore how people experienced the past. However, if extracting tangible things from texts such as names and places can be tricky, consider the challenge of extracting something intangible such as an experience. If … Continue reading

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Gamestorming for DH

I would like to propose a gamestorming session to playfully combine technologies and applications, guided by current DH research questions.  The session can start with sharing the (technical and subject-matter) skill-sets, interests and data sources of the participants, then move … Continue reading

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Explain to a Newbie: Digital Research in the Humanities – What’s the Question?

The Challenge: Can you explain in plain English what digital research methods in the Humanities allow folks to do that they couldn’t do before? Some Discussion Topics: What new sorts of research questions can be asked? What new concepts or … Continue reading

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