Laura Carletti


Laura Carletti is a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham, Horizon Digital Economy Research. She specialises in socio-technical research, and her expertise falls into the multidisciplinary area of digital arts and humanities. By applying socio-cultural theories of learning, she is researching how to enhance the visiting experience through new media and technologies, and how to facilitate on-site and online engagement with cultural resources. In the past year, she has offered papers at Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts, Electronic Visualisation in the Arts, Museum and the Web, NODEM, and to the International Journal of Art and Design Education. As lead-coordinator, she was awarded the EPSRC Telling Tales of Engagement Prize in 2012, and the Discipline Bridging Award in 2014 by the University of Nottingham. Before this, she worked several years as project manager of European funded initiatives in the culture and education sector (e.g. EuropeanaLocal). Laura holds a PhD in Technology-Enhanced-Learning from the University of Marche, School of Information Engineering, and a Laurea in Arts and Humanities from the University of Urbino, Faculty of Literature and Philosophy.

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