Explain to a Newbie: Digital Research in the Humanities – What’s the Question?

The Challenge:

Can you explain in plain English what digital research methods in the Humanities allow folks to do that they couldn’t do before?

Some Discussion Topics:

  1. What new sorts of research questions can be asked?
  2. What new concepts or hypothesis can be tested?
  3. What new research and public audiences might be interested in the these approaches outside of the Digital Humanities?
  4. How can Digital Humanities researchers best articulate why they do what they do to them?

Session suggestion from a newbie (biomedical researcher knows about  digital research technologies but not about humanities research) which might appeal to other DH experts or newbies alike.

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About Allan Sudlow

I'm interested in digital research across all disciplines. I like stuff that is intectually valid but grounded in practical purposes; contradictory to this (or perhaps not), I also like stuff that's fun and engaging. I like ideas most of all.