Sarah Arkle

  • Graduate Trainee
  • Bodleian Libraries

I studied English Literature at the University of Sheffield, then went on to carve myself a path into librarianship as a career after graduating in 2013. Starting out as a learning resources assistant at an FE college, I had a great time experiencing the challenge of working with difficult 16-18 year olds, trying to teach them information skills and the value of libraries in society. I was then offered a graduate traineeship with the Bodleian Libraries, where I am stationed in the English Faculty Library. Having attended a few talks and sessions about Digital Library Services, I'm becoming more interested in learning some practical IT skills and exploring how digitisation does not necessarily spell out the end for libraries. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, music, and (although not for much longer) working in a pub a few evenings a week, and I hope to start a postgraduate course in library and information studies sometime within the next couple of years, depending on finance.